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A cavity is a small hole that forms in teeth as a result of decay. Though this might sound like a major problem, if your teeth have holes in them, harmful bacteria can enter the tooth and lead to severe decay. One can also lose a tooth if the cavity is in a bad condition.

Nevertheless, there's no reason to worry. Cavities can be easily prevented and treated as long as you get checked regularly and notice them on time.

Causes of Cavities

  • Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of cavities
  • Professional cleaning - the plaque you miss during brushing or flossing can cause cavities
  • High-sugar diet - sugary items such as candy and sodas can contribute to decay over time. Limiting your sugar intake, especially for children, is another good way to prevent cavities

Detection of Cavities

Cavities generally do not show any symptoms. Hence, regular dental exams and checkups are the only way to know if you have a cavity. When you visit Fantastic Smiles Ltd, we will evaluate your teeth, checking in every pocket. If we find a cavity, we will discuss with you the necessary course of treatment.

Cavity Treatment Procedure

The filling is the most common form of treatment for cavities. Our professionals provide durable, tooth-colored fillings that cover cavities and prevent bacteria from getting inside your tooth. The procedure is quite simple.

Dr. Koser will be anesthetizing the affected tooth and then, she will apply a putty-like filling, which is generally made of composite resin. Using special dental instruments, she carefully shapes the filling to match the shape and size of your tooth.

After the filling has been placed, she does a final polish to smooth out the surface and makes final sizing adjustments. Fillings are long-lasting and don’t limit you in terms of what foods you can eat.

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