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Dental care with the artistry of facial rejuvenation.

Our cosmetic dentistry services now include Botox treatments. Dr. Ewa Koser is an expert in using Botox for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Enhance your dental care by reducing wrinkles, achieving facial harmony, and boosting your overall appearance. With a combination of dental expertise and aesthetics, Dr. Ewa Koser at Fantastic Smiles is committed to helping you achieve a perfect smile and a more confident, youthful you.

Botox can provide relief for:

  • Tension-induced migraines in the face, jaw, and neck
  • TMJ and teeth clenching or grinding
  • "Gummy Smiles" caused by excessive retraction of the upper lip
  • Facial swelling and excessive sweating
  • "Gummy Smiles" caused by excessive retraction of the upper lip
  • Enhancing and reshaping your smile
  • Aging lines around the lips and face

Gummy Smile Before & After

Why Choose Dr. Koser at Fantastic Smiles for Botox Injections?

When it comes to Botox injections, expertise matters. Dr. Koser at Fantastic Smiles stands out for his extensive knowledge and experience in administering Botox for various conditions. With a deep understanding of oral and maxillofacial muscles, he ensures precise injection sites for optimal relief.
Dentists like Dr. Koser perform more injections in these areas than any other medical professional, making them uniquely qualified to provide effective and safe treatments.

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You can achieve a beautiful, confident smile with Botox in just one appointment with Dr. Ewa Koser at Fantastic Smiles in Mount Prospect, IL.
Trust your smile and well-being to the expert care at Fantastic Smiles. For more information or to schedule a Botox appointment please call our dental office at (847) 577-5464 or send us an email.

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal oral health and a NEW beautiful smile!

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